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            We all desire to maintain the best youthful appearance as a reflection of our overall well being and individual success. It enables us to rejuvenate our appearance, improve our body image, strengthen our self-confidence, help us look as refreshed as we feel. We can help you achieve this at Cyprus Aesthetic Surgery Clinic.

           The word ‘plastic’ originates from the Greek word, plastikos, meaning to shape or mould. Cosmetic plastic surgery refers to the alteration of a person’s physical appearance, as a form of “self-improvement” or “self-enhancement”. Aesthetic, plastic surgery is developing very rapidly and lots of inventions have been made in the last decade. Now it is possible to do things that cannot be even dreamed of before. I am trying to inform you some details, innovations which you cannot see without being in this speciality.

           In Cyprus Aesthetic Center we are offering the latest and most effective technologies and procedures to fit your needs. Cyprus Aesthetic Center offers a comprehensive array of surgical services to enhance your appearance. Our experienced and friendly staff will work hard to accommodate your needs. Make sure you contact us to schedule a free consultation session where we can discuss your needs and provide solutions.

            You may email me about subjects that you think it is missing or you want to hear more about. I am trying to answer the mails that I receive as soon as possible. Legal requirements do not allow before-after patient pictures to be displayed, therefore you cannot find any on this page. However we can share the pictures of my patients whom we have obtained informed consent form when you visit us at Cyprus Aesthetic Center.